Current Issue: 2023 , Vol 61 , Num 1
Editor-in-Chief: Gülden Zehra Omurtag
Associate Editors: Ayşe Esra Karadağ, Sevde Nur Biltekin Kaleli
Copy Editors: Nursu Aylin Kasa, Fatma Sarı, Meryem Nur Baş, Melike Zeynep Ünükür, Elif Berber, Huriye Erarslan, Melih Buğra Ağ
Online ISSN: 1307-2080
Frequency: 4 issues / year
Abbreviation: Acta Pharm Sci
Publisher: Behalf of the İstanbul Medipol University Responsible Prof. Sabahattin Aydın, MD
ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia
Aims and Scope of Acta Pharmaceutica Sciencia.
Development of Mefenamic Acid-Soluplus ® amorphous dispersions via hot melt extrusion and in silico prediction of oral absorption.
Antibiotic therapy of adult inpatients with community-acquired pneumonia: a retrospective hospital-based study in Ukraine.
Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of ethanolic extract of sintok lancang (Cinnamomum javanicum Blume) from Central Kalimantan.
JNK and p53 inhibition in regenerationcompetent cells of nerve tissue: a novel approach for treatment of ethanol-induced neurodegeneration.
Synthesis, structure elucidation and in vitro microsomal metabolism of adamantane hydrazide-hydrazone derivatives.
Biological activity and chemical composition of the essential oil from the fruits of Ferula halophila Peşmen.
The optimal method to measure polyamines in serum by using HPLC fluorescence detector.