Acceptance rate 46%
Time to first decision 20 days*
Time to decision with review 50 days*

*Approximate number of days

**The days mentioned above are averages and do not indicate exact durations. The process may vary for each article.

As of 01.10.2023 , the print version has been stopped and the journal continues as an electronic version.
Current Issue: 2024 , Vol 62 , Num 2
Editor-in-Chief: Gülden Zehra Omurtag
Associate Editors: Ayşe Esra Karadağ, Rengin Baydar, Sevde Nur Biltekin Kaleli
Copy Editors: Ayşegül Çaşkurlu, Betül Şirin, Büşra Nur Çattık, Ebrar Elif Kesmen, Fatma Sarı, Huriye Erarslan, İsmet Berrak Altunçul, Melih Buğra Ağ, Melike Zeynep Ünükür, Meryem Nur Baş, Nursu Aylin Kasa, Özce Esma Pala, Sümeyye Elif Kahya
Online ISSN: 1307-2080
Frequency: 4 issues / year
Abbreviation: Acta Pharm Sci
Publisher: Behalf of the İstanbul Medipol University Responsible Prof. Sabahattin Aydın, MD
ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia
Aims and Scope of Acta Pharmaceutica Sciencia.
Herb-drug interaction.
Vehicle noise pollution awareness for human health and environmental impacts: A comprehensive review.
The potential impact of vascular endothelial growth factor rs699947 polymorphisms on breast tumors susceptibility in a sample of Iraqi females.
Efficacy of statin therapy on achieving target goal of LDL among Iraqi patients.
Study of formulation effects on the charge variant profile of antibody-maytansine conjugates by icIEF method.
Effects of tadalafil on vancomycin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.
Development and validation of a stability indicating LC method for the analysis of chlordiazepoxide and trifluoperazine hydrochloride in the presence of their degradation products.
Natural polymers for targeted drug delivery to the colon: A comparative study of tamarind gum and karaya gum.
The applicability of bioluminescent bacteria for preliminary screening of antibacterial activity: Comparative analysis of aqueous and ethanol extracts from plant raw material.
HPLC investigation of hidden danger deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) in baby foods from grain sources in Türkiye.
Chemical composition and biological activities of seed butter extracted from Garcinia gummi-gutta (L.) Roxb..
Neuroprotective application of Hemidesmus indicus root extract and its silver nanoparticles implication against monosodium glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in albino rats.
Evaluation of fluconazole-loaded nanocellulose-reinforced xanthan gum film for drug delivery applications.
Anti-anemic potential of Moringa oleifera flower extract against phenylhydrazineinduced anemia in rats.
Sprayable microemulsion of diphenhydramine hydrochloride for dermal delivery.
Study of different factors affecting spreadability and release of Ibuprofen from carbopol gels using screening design methodology.

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