ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia Accepted Manuscripts
Emerging trends in parenteral devices- Syringes and Needle-free injections
Himanshu GARG 2 Kanhaiya SISODIYA 2 Akash GARG 1 Sunam SAHA 2
1 Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (IPR), GLA University, NH-2, Mathura-Delhi Road, Chaumuhan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (India), Pin ? 281406
2 Rajiv Academy for pharmacy, NH-2, Mathura-Delhi Road, P.O Chhatikara, Mathura- 281001(U.P.)
The administration of the drug is possible through different routes like oral, Parenteral, etc. but for faster action and high bioavailability parenteral route is the most preferred one. The drug administration through the parenteral route requires a traditional syringe that is associated with some pitfalls like disposal problems, needle-based injury, contamination, reuse of needles, and needle phobia which need to be changed. Researchers reformed traditional needles and made many modified syringes like an auto disposable syringe and prefilled syringe. These syringes had eliminated the problem of disposability, reuse of needles, and needle-based injury up to a great extent. But the problem of needle phobia is still left so researchers developed needle-free injection technology which includes needle-free syringes and Nanopatches in which the drug is administered by a pressure-driven plunger. It also led to the self-administration of the drug. The review contains various advancements made in the syringes along with some applications. Keywords : Parenteral, Syringe, Pre-filled syringe, auto-disposable syringe, Needle-free injection technology

Istanbul Medipol University