ACTA Pharmaceutica Sciencia Accepted Manuscripts
Cancer and brain tumor: Management and Treatment
Hitesh Kumar Dewangan 1 Akash Garg 1 Rutvi Agrawal 1 Himanshu Garg 2
1 Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (IPR), GLA University, NH-2, Mathura-Delhi Road, Chaumuhan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (India), Pin ? 281406
2 Rajiv academy for pharmacy, NH-2, Mathura-Delhi Road, P.O- Chhatikara, Mathura- 281001(U.P.)
Cancer is the most common disease and major cause of death now days. Cancer word is derived from a Greek word "Karkinos" which means carcinoma. Around 8 lakh cases are found in India every year with death of around 5.5 lakh people. There are different cancers causing factors like UV radiations, Tobacco etc. Brain tumor is also a type of cancer and it is malignant in nature. There are various therapies available for cancer and brain tumor treatment but the permanent treatment is still not available. The main hurdle in the treatment of brain tumor is Blood brain barrier which prevent the delivery of drugs to brain. Some strategies have been developed to overcome these barriers and promote targeting of drug to brain tumor. This review summarizes statistics, factors and therapies available for treatment of cancer and different methods used for enhancing the drug delivery to brain along with some nanoformulations. Keywords : cancer, types of cancer, brain tumor, treatment of cancer, approaches of brain targeting

Istanbul Medipol University